Solar Stormwatch

A project to map eruptions from the surface of the Sun. Volunteers tracked the paths of coronal mass ejections in data from the STEREO spacecraft. It is currently being rebuilt, and the new site will be live very soon! Meanwhile, try our other solar project, Sunspotter, or read the publications based on the data.

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Solar Stormwatch and The Zooniverse

The Zooniverse is the world’s largest platform for people-powered research. This research is made possible by hundreds of thousands of people around the world who come together to assist professional researchers.

In 2010 the Zooniverse teamed up with the Royal Observatory Greenwich to create Solar Stormwatch.

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Similar Projects

Solar Stormwatch is one of many Zooniverse projects dealing with astronomical data.

Here are some others you can try out while you wait for the project to return:


Solar Stormwatch has resulted in 5 published papers to date, providing insights into the shape of coronal mass ejections and the distribution of dust in our Solar System.

You can view them at and you can read more about what the team have been doing with the data they have gathered at