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Data overload


Chris Davis: We have taken something like 100,000 images so far over the two and a half years that the spacecraft's been in orbit. And we just need as many people as we can get to look at the data to scrutinize it, because one person's opinion is just that, it's an opinion.

Steve Crothers: In total, there's getting on for 25 terabytes of data now.

Mike Paterson: That needs to be analysed.

Steve: Yes.

Mike: How many people are looking at your data at the moment?

Jackie Davies: Well, in terms of actually looking at every track, that will be Chris [laughter]. He has that job of clicking on the tracks. Last thing on a Friday afternoon, I'm not overly convinced I trust what he's done.

Steve: Jackie's split between two projects, Chris has to do PR and things. I'm split between two projects now – I was split between three, but one of them's ended.

Chris: You can see this is a year's worth of data. You can see all this material moving away from the Sun. It's an immense amount of material. If we had to sit and watch all these movies, that would take us forever. We have this tsunami of data that we're currently drowning it and it would be really helpful for people to come along with a bucket and help us bail it. Bail us out really.

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