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Mission briefing

You don’t have to be a science expert to be a brilliant solar stormwatcher. But if you’d like to know more about what you’re looking at, then explore our beautiful and interactive zoomable diagrams to find out about the Sun and the STEREO spacecraft monitoring it. And check out our scientists’ profiles too.


Sun, Earth & Space


There’s an awful lot of space in between the Sun and Earth – but it’s certainly not empty. Zoom in and out to get a sense of what’s going on where and discover how our nearest star makes its presence felt on Earth.


The STEREO spacecraft


Two nearly identical spacecraft named STEREO Ahead and STEREO Behind are monitoring the Sun right now, capturing new pictures for you to analyse. Find out what makes their view unique and inspect the technology on board.


Scientists’ profiles


Who’s who on the Solar Stormwatch science team.

Screencasts: how to spot solar storms

  • How to spot a solar storm
  • How to play What's That?
  • How to look at real-time data
  • How to play Trace it
  • How to play Incoming — Trace it
  • How to play Track It Back

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